Monday, June 10, 2013

Superman Celebration

Set up at the Superman Celebration in Metropolis IL this past weekend.  The city estimates about 35,000 people attend each year but I sure did not see those kind of numbers.  Numbers were certainly respectable but I did not see the same number of people in costume that I did when last there two years ago.  Food vendors did quite well though, as did the Chamber of Commerce, as both were selling out of merchandise on Friday and having to restock.

Weather was great on Thursday through Saturday, with sporadic rainstorms on Sunday.  There were more vendors of Superman memorabilia there this year than last but a significant drop in street vendors.  If you wanted a hand-dipped corn dog or funnel cake there were a dozen plus stands selling them but many fewer booths selling non-food items.  From what I understand, the organizers of the Superman Celebration cracked down significantly on vendors selling knockoff and unlicensed Superman  merchandise, which accounted for a large number of the non-food vendors in past years.

Margot Kidder was the big-name guest, followed by Tracy Scoggins, the guy who played Luthor on Smallville and a couple of actors who appeared in separate episodes of The Adventures of Superman.  Jerry "The King" Lawler was also there, signing autographs, and was promoted at the event, though not on the website.  I was impressed that Lawler was the only celebrity to stay around to sign autographs on Sunday, the others only appearing on Friday and Saturday.