Monday, September 3, 2012

More on Kickstarter

A second concern I have about Kickstarter relates to what happened after D&D 3.0 released under the OGL.  The first OGL compatible books released after 3.0 hit the shelves sold like gangbusters.  Seeing this, other companies rushed into the market with hundreds of books and modules.  Some proved successful (Troll Lord, Mongoose and Paizo spring to mind) but dozens more did not and their poorly designed and received products glutted the market to the point where many customers (and retailers) avoided third party OGL products like the plague.  This could easily happen with Kickstarter product campaigns as funders pledge to supports a product that sounds really cool in concept, but when it arrives, it far underreaches expectations and soon, people avoid Kickstarter campaigns, only funding those companies with a proven track record, until the next cool concept comes along.