Saturday, September 1, 2012

More on Kickstarter

I still have some concerns about Kickstarter.  One is that more companies will look at the success of the Reaper campaign and last February’s very successful drive by Giant in the Playground  to reprint the Order of the Stick books and decide to rely on Kickstarter for funding as well.  These two campaigns worked because they had products that people wanted (both Bones figures and the Order of the Stick books sell steadily) and the company’s both added very nice incentives to their various levels and stretch goals, with GITP’s  incentives targeted towards the individual customer while Reaper’s aimed at both customer and retailer.  Each one had a number of levels , allowing funders quite a bit of flexibility in their investments, as well as encouraging funders to bump up pledges.  Unless a company looking to fund through Kickstarter is willing to make the effort that these companies did and create excitement for their campaigns, they won’t see the results that either company achieved.