Thursday, September 13, 2012

Little Egypt Wars 2012 Wrap Report

Turnout was about average with 105 total, including visitors and dealers.  According to the records, we had 30 judges, 35 pre-registered, 19 registering at the door, 3 dealers and 17 visitors.

Pathfinder was the most popular event, with about 40 players showing up to play PF scenarios all day. Thanks to all the Pathfinder judges who ran and to Seth Gipson for co-ordinating

Boardgames ran consistently all day, with at least 2 going off each slot.  Non-Pathfinder RPGs didn't do so well, with only Gary Smith's Kill Kill Kill, Die Die Die and Brandon Hale's Carbondale Creepers running, though both ran with full tables.

Anthony Landers' Blood Bowl Khemri Cup tournament went off, but with far few players than hoped, mainly due to most potential players opting to wait for the Chaos Cup tournament in Chicago the following weekend.

Magic was lighter than normal, with only five players showing for the Standard tournament. Attendance picked up to 10 for the evening's Mini Masters tournament.

Yu Gi Oh pulled decent numbers, though lighter than for a normal Saturday tournament at the store, with 8 players for the first two slots, dropping to 5 by the evening slot.

Warmachine had a couple of players, not great for the con but it generated enough interest that the game will now run twice a month at the store. 

According to the surveys dropped off at registration, the oldest players were still under 40, most are local residents, Pathfinder was the most popular game played and St. Louis was the furthest an attendee came to come to the con.

Fat Pattles did much  better than last spring, mainly because of the addition of the hot Sloppy Jacks.  If the con moves to the SIUC Student Center for next spring, which we are considering, we won't have them there, due to the Student Center's contracts.  If the con stays at the civic center, we certainly will invite them back.

The con committee will have its first meeting to plan Egypt Wars 2013 on Sept 27 at 5:30.  If you are interested in helping plan next year's con, consider this an invitation to the meeting.