Wednesday, April 4, 2012

New Flying Frog Releases

Here are upcoming releases for Last Night on Earth and Flying Frog' s other games:


FFP 0107
Last Night on Earth Blood in the Forest Exp

As the Zombie plague spreads, the forests will run red! The Blood in the Forest Expansion for Last Night On Earth features a full set of Forest Boards and a double-sided Forest Center Board (with the Airfield), a set of seven vicious, new Feral Zombies, two new Heroes, a host of new Hero and Zombie cards, counters, Scenarios, and Game Mechanics.

FFP 0108
Last Night on Earth Timber Peak Exp

Escaping from the Zombie-overrun town of Woodinvale, a handful of survivors make their way up into the mountains. But as they reach the small logging and mining town of Timber Peak, they will discover that a new nightmare has just begun! This expansion to Last Night On Earth introduces the brand-new town of Timber Peak with a full set of game boards, six new Heroes, four Generator objective pieces, a set of 14 Zombies, a host of new Scenarios, an Experience System for both Heroes and the Zombie horde, and over 130 new game cards.

FFP 0205
A Touch of Evil The Coast Exp

The Heroes must fend off deadly curses and contend with all manner of creatures from the dark depths to keep evil at bay, forcing it back into the icy waters that break along the rocky shores of The Coast. This expansion for A Touch of Evil is jam-packed with new material, including four new Heroes, four fearsome new Villains to hunt like The Ghost Ship, Siren, or the dreaded Dreamweaver, a game board of the fog-shrouded coastline to add to the main Shadowbrook board, three new Town Elders, and a host of new mysteries to be solved. The Coast also features tons of new game cards including decks for three new Locations to explore (The SmugglerÕs Cove, Lighthouse, and the haunted Shipwreck), as well as a new town - the long-cursed village of Tidewater.

FFP 0206
A Touch of Evil Hero Pack 2

Hero Pack 2 introduces four new Heroes to A Touch of Evil (Sara, the Bright Witch; Jack Fellows, Privateer; Frederic Leon, the Foreign Diplomat from distant France; and Abigail Sturn, Student of the Occult), each with a highly-detailed plastic miniature as well as a corresponding Hero Character Sheet. Hero Pack 2 also features several new game cards and a new Villain to hunt.

FFP 0403
Conquest of Planet Earth Apocalypse

The Apocalypse Expansion for Conquest of Planet Earth sees the battle for Earth continue, escalating in scale as more Alien species are dispatched to the planet to take on the growing resistance of the stubborn Human defenders. This expansion introduces several new Alien races to play such as the fearsome Selenian Sirens or the Martian Confederacy, a new deck of Coastal Resistance for the Humans, and the awesome power of the dreaded Apocalypse Cube, emissary of Armageddon. Apocalypse also adds new cards to all of the  original decks and includes more saucers and boards to expand the player count up to 5-6 players.