Sunday, December 18, 2011

Stupid Store Managers

Given that our employees are on the front line when dealing with our customers and how valuable (and rare) a good one is, much less a great one, it always bemuses me when I run across stories of managers and employers disrespecting their staff.  I got thinking about this again after running across the following in a  recent News of the Weird column:
 In March, William Ernst, 57, owner of the QC Mart chain of Iowa
convenience stores, excitedly announced a company-wide employee
contest with a prize of $10 for guessing the next worker that Ernst
will fire for breaking rules. "Once we fire the person, we will open
all the envelopes [containing the entries], award the prize, and start
the contest again." Ernst added, "And no fair picking Mike Miller
from (the Rockingham Road store). He was fired at around 11:30
a.m. today for wearing a hat and talking on his cell phone. Good
luck!!!!!!!!!!" (After firing a cashier who had complained about
Ernst's attitude, he challenged the woman's unemployment-
compensation claim, but in October, a judge ruled in her favor.)
[Des Moines Register, 10-3-2011]