Saturday, December 17, 2011

Hulk Clix

Well the Hulk HeroClix set came in  and are moving a bit better than the Superman but still much slower than previous sets, which goes to show, at least to me, that WizKids' plan of putting the BIBTB figure in the brick was a really bad idea, at least from original purpose of the program. The original purpose was to drive sales of bricks in brick and mortar stores by requiring a receipt from a B&M store to receive the figure.  Later, WizKids modified the program by sending the figures to the stores so that we could redeem them when the customer bought the brick.  Again, a good idea, although, since they had to produce so many of them,  WizKids wasn't particularly happy with the quality of the figures.

So, to up the quality of he figures and remove the difficulty of having to handle redemption themselves, WizKids moved to including the BIBTB figure in one of the boosters in every brick, essentially making it a 1 in 10 chase figure, available from both B&M and online retailers.  Sales of Superman and Hulk are reflecting this as sales of both have run about half the sales we saw of Giant Size x_men, 75th anniversary and even Captain America.  I hear that WizKids plans to change the program yet again. Even so, I plan on cutting our orders on the next set by about a third.