Sunday, August 14, 2011

Demo Games and Why There Aren't More.

Demo games are something most stores are always looking for.  Unfortunately, only a few companies have developed demo programs to which stores have ready access.  Mayfair Games’ Demo to Demo program, which I’ve mentioned in other columns,  comes to mind, as do the deep discounts offered on demo games by Fantasy Flight Games and Days of Wonder (75% off MSRP if I recall correctly).  Other companies, such as Looney Labs, have a demo program for new products: pre-order a display and get a demo copy along with it, and probably have a program in play allowing stores to buy deeply discounted demo copies.  Unfortunately, few companies publicize their programs to stores and the demo programs only deal with games made by the company limiting stores to the selection of only a certain set of games.  This makes sense, of course. Why run a demo program for products you don’t make?  It also makes it harder for smaller companies, without the capital to invest in a demo program to get their products into the hands of retailers.