Sunday, December 20, 2009

Twelve Days of Christmas

On the twelve days after Christmas, Castle Perilous Games gives to you:

Dec. 26 Buy $20 and get a deck of playing cards
Dec. 27--Buy $20 and get a random game t-shirt
Dec 28--Buy $20 worth of CCGs and get a pack of sleeves
Dec 29--Buy 3 CMG boosters and get a 4th free
Dec. 30--Buy $10 and get a free Death Dice
Dec. 31-- Buy $10 and get a free D&D figure
Jan. 1--Buy $30 and get a $5 credit certificate
Jan. 2--Buy 6 CCG pack and get one free.
Jan. 3--Buy $30 and get a free pack of dice.
Jan. 4--Buy $20 and get a free D&D module
Jan 5--Buy 5 comics and get the 6th free.
Jan 6--Buy any Fluxx deck and get the Zombie and Castle packs.