Thursday, October 8, 2009

Review: Savage Worlds Dawn of Legends

Dawn of Legends published by Daring Entertainment 8 ½ x11” softcover with black and white interiors. 284 pages. MSRP $39.99.

Gameplay Dawn of Legends is a set of rules for running superheroic characters and campaigns using Pinnacle’s Savage Worlds rules engine and players must have a copy of the Savage Worlds’ Explorer’s Edition. From what I can tell, Autumn Arbor: City o Legends was originally created as a stand alone campaign setting that has been retooled to work with the Savage Worlds rules. The first 104 pages are rules for superheroic creation, the rest of the book delves into the Autumn Arbor setting.

Presentation The cover is OK but nothing striking, a group shot of superheroes flying towards the viewer. It would have been nice to see DOT hardbound as a paperback of this size is going to suffer shelf damage pretty quickly. The Table of Contents does a good job of listing all the powers but there’s only a sketchy indication of where to find info in the rest of the book and no index, which would have been pretty useful for a book this size. That said, Dawn of Legends is pretty complete, esp. in the power list and campaign setting, with over six dozen NPCs included. If you wan to play superheroic adventures using the Savage Worlds system, Dawn of Legends is a good choice; in fact, as far as I know, currently it’s the only choice.