Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Aquarius pub. by Looney Labs www.looneylabs.com 80 full color card deck. 3 3/4 x5" box. 2-5 players, 10-30 minutes. MSRP $15.

Gameplay Similar to dominoes but with changing victory conditions, ala to Looney Lab's Fluxx. Players lay cards on the table, attempting to connect the element cards that match their secret goal card. This 10th Anniversary version includes the same five elements as the original edition but there's a new style of element card and a new aciton card, as well as rulse for playing a preschool version of Aquarius.

Presentation Aquarius now comes in a two part box, the same style as the company has adopted for its new versions of Fluxx and Traitor and a purchase of 6 games comes in a colorful tuck box displayer, meaning it's much easier to find on the shelf than the previous edition. A cardboard insert keeps the deck from shifiting around inside the box and the rule sheet now comes with color illustrations of the cards rather than the B&W ones on the original. A very nice upgrade over the original game and the pre-school variations are especially welcome as it can be hard to find pre-school games in the hobby game market.